Chevron Sock Scarf "Knit Kit"

Chevron Scarf Kit Queensland Perth.JPG
Chevron Scarf Kit Queensland Perth.JPG

Chevron Sock Scarf "Knit Kit"


Included in your purchase of this kit is:
One hardcopy printout of the pattern
10 mini-skeins (25g each) of Knitting Fever's Queensland Perth, Australian Superwash Wool Blend (80% Superwash Wool /2o% Nylon) for a total approx. 250 grams.

The Chevron Sock Scarf pattern is a two row repeat. The self-striping yarn does the work for you. 

Each scarf is unique as you create the color sequence as you knit. The scarf is knit in the round on a 16" circular needle which makes this an easily portable project. 

The photo is of the finished scarf; yours will look slightly different based on the order you choose to knit the colors.

Have fun knitting this scarf!

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